Life can sometimes be like a race. We are constantly competing against each other in an unstoppable rush to achieve that status quo of recognition amongst the community.

We want to be admired. We want to be remembered. The fact that we are as small as a dot of dust in this vast universe isn’t something we’re keen to admit. We just want people to look at us in awe, thinking “man, he/she is the best”. THE BEST.

And it’s due to our willingness to be honoured by our contemporaries (and the ones who may come after, why not) that we stop ourselves of doing anything we think we won’t be able to succeed in.

Are you in bad shape? Don’t go exercise at the gym. Wanna put yourself in the middle of a  muscled, six-packed, super fit crowd who lift weights like they were feathers while you can’t lift an actual feather? You’re not the clever dude in class? Better don’t speak then, unless you want to evidence your lack of basic knowledge. Are you shy? And you wanna start an acting career? Seriously?

And the list goes on an on. Not only with “minor” issues, but also with things that are actually  big deals. This destructive thoughts keep on popping in our heads, and they make us get this feeling of inferiority and lack of self-esteem. If you can’t win, then don’t play at all. Right?

Well, that’s not right. At all.

In fact it’s the other way round. Just because you can’t be the best at something doesn’t mean you can’t be good at it. Take a moment to realize that no one’s perfect, and then, face your limitations and make a move. You may be surprised. And if you don’t…who cares? You tried, and that’s much more than what the majority can say.

Because let’s be real for a second, the best doesn’t exist. Moreover, the only one who can actually brag of being perfect is God. And unless you reading this are a god too (which BTW is quite improbable, sorry) you shouldn’t make your imperfection an obstacle to reach your dreams.

And this is not a call to mediocrity, don’t misunderstand me. You always have to give the best of you. You have to seek perfection. But you don’t have to get depressed if you don’t succeed at first. In life, the most important thing is to never give up. If you fall, then you get up again.

So stop complaining and get out there. The world is waiting for you.




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